Jurassic Park: John Hammond's 10 Most Memorable Quotes From The Movies

Thursday, January 28, 2021

John Hammond was an eccentric character in the Jurassic Park movies who always had a memorable quote locked and loaded.

John Hammond is one of the most underrated characters in the beloved Jurassic Park franchise, but in reality, he's the linchpin of the entire series. It was his over-the-top ambition and vision that inspired him to create the world's most spectacular theme park, even if it fell apart before day one. To Hammond, Jurassic Park wasn't just a spectacle he could share with the world - it was his ticket to self-fulfillment.

Hammond's vision was matched only by his delusions, a fact that became clear when his project spun out of control and caused numerous deaths. Yet, for all his arrogance and bluster, he was a central figure in the Jurassic Park story. The following is a list of his most iconic and memorable quotes from the films; each one a window into the mind of a mad scientist with the best of intentions, and the worst foresight imaginable.

10 - "I Bring Scientists, YOU Bring A Rock Star!"

Hammond's intention was to soothe investor fears about a theme park involving real-life dinosaurs by inviting a group of distinguished experts to give it a green-light before it opened. That meant dealing with people who would inevitably question the wisdom and ethics of creating such a place.

One of these individuals was, of course, the eccentric Ian Malcolm. A self-described "chaotician," Malcolm believed that the spontaneity of life meant it could never be fully controlled through any means known to man. This went double for his personality when he started flirting openly with Ellie Sattler, prompting Hammond to sum Malcolm up with this quote.

9 - "In Forty-Eight Hours, I'LL Be Accepting YOUR Apologies."

Donald Gennaro joined the tour at Jurassic Park as the eyes and ears of Hammond's investors, none of whom were particularly pleased with an accident that led to the grisly death of a worker. Jurassic Park had potential, but it was still a hot potato.

When Gennaro told Hammond that he had 48 hours to settle their fears or else the park would be shut down, Hammond responded with amusement. He fired back with this quip which demonstrated the level of arrogance and overconfidence that would lead to its eventual downfall.

8 - "Welcome...To Jurassic Park!"

Few of Hammond's quotes are as iconic and memorable as this one. In 1993, audiences were unprepared for Steven Spielberg's wondrous spectacle of realistic dinosaurs in a sci-fi film, and he wanted to milk the moment for everything it was worth. It all led up to that memorable and emotional scene where Hammond brings his guests out into a field and puts them face-to-face with a real-life Brachiosaur.

What follows is a scene that made moviegoers choke up as the camera swept along the countryside to reveal a diverse dinosaur ecosystem right before their very eyes. Combined with John Williams' gorgeous orchestral theme, Hammond let loose with this quote that set the tone for the adventure that was to come.

7 - "Spared No Expense!"

Throughout the film, John Hammond uses this habitual term several times as a means to openly brag about the quality of the park. After all, he had plunked plenty of investor money down, not to mention his own in an attempt to make Jurassic Park the single-greatest wonder the world had ever seen.

This phrase encompassed everything from transport and technologies, to the ice cream served in the local restaurant. It would also come back to haunt him near the end when he realized that all the money in the world was incapable of holding back the awesome force he had unleashed.

6 - "I Don't Believe It! I Don't Believe It. You're Meant To Come Down Here And Defend Me Against These Characters, And The Only One I've Got On MY Side Is The Blood-Sucking Lawyer!"

After their minds were blown with the impossible reality that dinosaurs lived once more, Hammond's guests began voicing their concerns. The sheer audacity and gall of genetically engineering multiple extinct species of primeval animals and caging them within the confines of a 20th century theme park was overwhelming.

While some like Ian Malcolm outwardly chastised Hammond for his lack of humility, others like Ellie Sattler and Alan Grant expressed uncertainty and doubt regarding what to expect from this new creation. Hammond was beside himself with shock, uttering this quote to Genarro, who saw nothing but dollar signs in his eyes.

5 - "Dennis! Our Lives Are In Your Hands, And You Have Butterfingers?"

Dennis Nedry would prove to be the instrument of Jurassic Park's downfall. Hammond saw fit to go against his better judgment by keeping him employed, despite his poor attitude and untrustworthy nature. As a coder, Nedry had few peers, which is probably why Hammond believed he was necessary to ensure the park's operation.

When several security-related glitches began popping up on the day of the tour, Hammond chastised Nedry with this quote which acted as foreshadowing for the catastrophe that was to come. Nedry would betray Hammond and attempt to cash in on his work, only to die horrifically in the jaws of a Dilophosaurus in one of the most iconic moments of the film.

4 - "I Really Hate That Man."

The initial guest tour of Jurassic Park's famous creatures didn't go so well. Several creatures refused to show themselves, which was a major let-down for almost everyone on the tour. Ian Malcolm wasted no opportunity to bring this to Hammond's attention by speaking into the camera inside his SUV.

A frustrated and disappointed Hammond sat in the main control room, trying his best to ignore Malcolm's infuriating attitude. When Malcolm began shouting "Hello," and breathing on the lens in comedic fashion, Hammond mewled this defeated line.

3 - "Creation Is An Act Of Sheer Will! Next Time It'll Be Flawless!"

Hammond was a man blinded by ambition and personal arrogance. He had the best of intentions, but his desire to give something amazing to the world had turned him into a borderline megalomaniac. When Jurassic Park fell and the dinosaurs began terrorizing the island, Hammond remained in the clutches of denial.

Eventually, his arrogance sparked Ellie Sattler's anger when he uttered this quote to her. Shocked at his level of denial, she tore into him by reminding him that people were dying at the same time as he was planning the next retrofit. Hammond was forced to come to grips with the notion that his idea of control was not only delusional, but dangerous.

2 - "You Were Right And I Was Wrong. There! Did You Ever Expect To Hear Me Say Such A Thing?"

The events of the first Jurassic Park instilled some much-needed humility in John Hammond by the time the iconic second chapter was released. When his health began to decay, Hammond realized that he was in danger of being remembered as a man who played God, and lost. As such, he was forced to wake up and change his tune regarding his own creation.

The first step in this journey was to admit he was wrong to none other than Ian Malcolm. It's safe to say the two did not share a friendly relationship on the best of days, which must have made this absolutely excruciating for Hammond.

1 - "These Creatures Require Our Absence To Survive, Not Our Help. And If We Could Only Step Aside And Trust In Nature, Life Will Find A Way."

One of John Hammond's final acts in his life was to work hard to protect the vulnerable ecosystem that had developed on Isla Sorna, the so-called "Site B" where much of Jurassic Park's genetic work took place. Without human intervention, the dinosaurs were flourishing on their own, and they needed no outside help to continue.

This inspirational quote not only pertains to the fictional dinosaurs of Jurassic Park, but to all species of life on our planet. Human intervention is inevitable, but by limiting it, while simultaneously learning new ways to co-exist, life will always find a way to survive, and thrive.

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