Jurassic World 3 Photos Reveal Return Of Classic Sequel Dinosaur

Saturday, August 15, 2020

New Jurassic World: Dominion set photos reveal the return of some infamous The Lost World dinosaurs: The tiny and terrifying Compsognathus.

New Jurassic World: Dominion set photos reveal the return of some infamous The Lost World dinosaurs. Back in 2015, Jurassic World revived the Jurassic Park franchise in a major way, telling the story of the iconic park once it was actually opened. A sequel followed in 2018 that further explored the world of cloned dinosaurs, and next year's Dominion looks to wrap everything up in epic fashion. Production on the film began earlier this year, and though there was a delay due to the coronavirus pandemic, things on Dominion are up and running once more.

The Lost World: Jurassic Park introduced Site B on Isla Sorna, InGen's secondary location where they cloned the dinosaurs. That film featured a whole host of new dinosaurs, including the tiny but terrifying Compsognathus. Isla Sorna also factored into Jurassic Park III, and it also looks to have a role in Dominion. Recent set photos teased a possible return to Site B, and now it seems like the Compsognathus will be back as well to wreak more havoc.

The New York Times did a piece on Dominion's post-coronavirus production, and it included some new behind the scenes photos of the set. In one, a production artist is in the middle of giving some touch-ups to a Compsognathus model, which stands in a crate among several others. The sly little dinos are back, though it might come as a relief to see them in cages instead of running wild.

Early on in The Lost World, a horde of Compsognathus attacked young Cathy Bowman (Camilla Belle) while she was on vacation with her parents. Though she did survive, it was clear it was a vicious attack, cementing how dangerous the Compsognathus can be. They've appeared in additional films beyond The Lost World, with Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom being the most recent. However, their presence in Dominion further shows how this movie intends to be a real culmination of everything that has come before.

Fallen Kingdom ended with dinosaurs running loose in the world, but this new photo suggests at least some of them will be captured easily enough. It remains to be seen how Dominion intends to deal with the dinosaur threat, but a lot of people will come together in order to do so. In addition to Jurassic World stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, Dominion will see the returns of Sam Neill, Laura Dern, and Jeff Goldblum. Plus, there are many, many other returning Jurassic World players to look forward to. After all, with the dinosaurs out in the world, it's all hands on deck.

Source: NYT / https://screenrant.com/