New Jurassic World Movie Gets a Prequel Comic Series

Friday, December 6, 2019

A new motion comic helps explain the events that take place after Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, unleashing dinosaurs on the entire world.

Universal Pictures has released a brand new motion comic, detailing the events that happen after Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Similar to Colin Trevorrow's short film Battle of Big Rockthis comic provides a new look at the new world where dinosaurs roam free among us.

In Fallen Kingdom, the captured dinosaurs on the mainland escape their cages, running amok in our world. The film ends with moments of impending danger such as Pteranodons in Vegas, A T-rex facing a lion at the zoo, and Blue the raptor looking over a suburban neighborhood. Furthermore, several species and DNA samples purchased at the Lockwood auction are taken away by the various governments and the insanely rich, which can't help the new era that's dawning.

The new motion comic, "A Rising Tide" takes one of those moments from the film and expands upon it. It begins with Dr. Ian Malcom's words from the film: 'These creatures were here before us...and if we're not careful they're going to be here after..." Newscaster Rebecca Ryan speaks to that grave warning, detailing the mass protests happening at the Capitol, with protestors wanting rights and protections to be granted for dinosaurs similar to that of any other animal. However, her broadcast is interrupted by an incident in Hawaii. During a big wave surf competition, surfers were disturbed and attacked by the massive Mosasaurus. Fans of the Jurassic World franchise will remember that the Mosasaur was the featured water attraction when the park was still active.

The beginning of this incident is seen at the end of Fallen Kingdom, so it's pretty interesting to see it played out here. The Mosasaur was a break out fan favorite dino, being featured in both the first and second Jurassic World films. Rebecca Ryan gives some more details on the hulking creature that are pretty fun to learn, such as the fact that the Mosasaur must have traveled almost five thousand miles to get to the shores of Oahu from Isla Nublar. She also shares that the animal is fifteen tons, meaning that it will be quite the challenge to contain. Furthermore, one of the surfers being interviewed is wearing a Jaws t-shirt, a fun nod to Steven Speilberg's work on both the Jurassic Park and Jaws franchises.

"A Rising Tide" is the first of a four part motion comic series. Hopefully the rest of the series will show more angles to the new era that has begun for mankind. Perhaps what happens to the Pteranodons in Las Vegas? Whatever the case, this new Jurassic World keeps getting bigger and better ahead of the eventual third film.